Tuesday, 30 August 2016


It wants to know itself:
It breaks in two
So one half can see the other

The parts want to know
Their selves in turn
And so they break again

They split in surreal ways:
They swirl and shine
They twist and ache
They lose themselves
In dense intense realities

Mirrors everywhere!
We live in them
And they in us 

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Trapped in my own creation
Trapped feeling me as I am

But when the wind blows
It blows me and with me my sense of time

With lawless waves I sway
Feel myself ache in this wild display

This lamp is lit and burning
Fumes of fragrant oil

This canvas is drowning
In colours exotic and unseen

This brew is brewing
And feeling itself evaporate 

This instrument strikes itself
And in doing so creates itself

I burn brighter now and then 
To remind me that I am

Monday, 8 August 2016


Ring! Ring!
Buzz! Buzz!
Honk! Honk!

Pitter patter!
Old cheesy song.
Meadows radiating
Infinite shades of green.
Pitter patter!
Ring! Ring!

Stopped raining,
Silent, sleepy heads.
The window slightly open,
Cold, wet breeze.
Behind, a lady singing
a honey-sweet melody.

Buzz! Buzz!
Someone laughs at the back.
The wind feels so good.
Want more!
"Umm," (who's sitting before me?)
"Could you open the window more?"

Window slides.
Meadows open.
Hair. Nose.
The lady singing.
Smell of wet grass.
Glasses. Eyelashes.
Cold breeze.

Ring! Ring!
Do birds wonder
What we sing?
I hum to the wind.
Hair. Skin.
Cool breeze.
I sing to dream.