Friday, 10 July 2015


They were puppet masters of the first order, 
with thick supply of slimy hands that rose menacingly from their pulsating innards
and shone dimly with viscous Ichor. 
They did what they wished to do - destroyed what they disliked,
reproduced what they thought proper.

They had countless faces, each more captivating than the last, 
with searing fury and wrath itching behind their deceptively thin hides. 
They consumed the finest and the filthiest, 
growing twofold with each burp
 that made hills with frozen tops shiver and shudder.

They had a billion eyes that were almost always watching. 
They saw but didn't observe at times, and at times tortured entire communities. 
What they sought, we can only wonder, but it was not to be found here,
amidst sprawling meadows and bubbling brooks, 
for they are antitheses.

They came from somewhere deep in space. 
They poisoned our environment, spread vicious diseases, mutilated our land, 
and gave us gold and fish for our troubles. 
They never went back - just took to resting 
in this hopeless nauseous world they had created and seemed to tolerate.

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