Saturday, 19 April 2014


"What did you see?"

The world assembled itself in bits and pieces around a smoldering ego that took to flame in a final, desperate attempt to make sense of what it had been subjected to.

"Pa?" Lawley mumbled, guarding his eyes against the harsh bright moonlight.
"What did you see?" Mani the fish merchant repeated in a firm voice.
A pair of hands put a bowl of milk to his chaffed, quivering lips, that he took a few gulps from.
"I saw - I saw a mountain of fire, it was a sea of calm, I could feel others around me. And that word- it kept -" He then turned to look at Mani with ridicule on his face. "How do you know?"

Lawley scrambled to his feet, his thighs barely supporting his weight, to gather his bearings. It was then that he saw the white marble dome of the temple shining from the mainland, across a narrow channel, about two kilometers wide. Thirty or so natives stood behind him bearing short, flaming torches, despite the ample light. "What is this? Where am I?"


I was born and raised, m'child,
In Karkid, that snakes fear.

I saw and heard them all, m'child,
But only He is truly there.

I have seen the shadows rise, m'child,
Deep inside the center of the sun.

Faith will keep you sane, m'child,
Shock will make you go insane.