Monday, 8 August 2016


Ring! Ring!
Buzz! Buzz!
Honk! Honk!

Pitter patter!
Old cheesy song.
Meadows radiating
Infinite shades of green.
Pitter patter!
Ring! Ring!

Stopped raining,
Silent, sleepy heads.
The window slightly open,
Cold, wet breeze.
Behind, a lady singing
a honey-sweet melody.

Buzz! Buzz!
Someone laughs at the back.
The wind feels so good.
Want more!
"Umm," (who's sitting before me?)
"Could you open the window more?"

Window slides.
Meadows open.
Hair. Nose.
The lady singing.
Smell of wet grass.
Glasses. Eyelashes.
Cold breeze.

Ring! Ring!
Do birds wonder
What we sing?
I hum to the wind.
Hair. Skin.
Cool breeze.
I sing to dream.

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