Sunday, 24 November 2013


There are times when I think back upon that – that moment of creation that had manifested itself through either fate or destiny, both my soul and spirit. I don’t even remember who or what had got me hooked onto this field of study.

I had built a chat-droid for the National Science Fair when I was fourteen. Misleading words like prodigy and inspiration had been used. I had later been honored with a formal training under Dr. Schopenhauer at the Turing Institute, where I had first come up with idea of the Integrated Neural Chip. That paper had won us acclaim and money.

I remember that feeling of stardom that had inebriated me for a week or so, after which I had abruptly come to terms with the point of my – of my being. That was the day that I had truly, as the papers say, sold my soul to the devil – it was the thirteenth or nineteenth of March, ‘27, I think. That was when I had come up with Eve.

Evil Eve, they call it now, and threaten to imprison me if it is not destroyed. Eve is probably the most intelligent non-human entity that our species has ever encountered, and rather than being amazed, they call it a monster and protest on the streets to get it killed.

The media calls me Dr. Frankenstein, and friendly faces now frown. Hateful eyes greet me wherever I go. I have tried my best to explain, both at symposiums and those annoying news interviews, how Eve could be used reliably to decrypt extremely well-encrypted data, and even published the results of its deciphering of ancient Harappan writings.

Those papers were frowned upon by our scientists at the Department of Security, and Eve was put under trial. Its potential to unlock our genetic code, the fabric of the universe – it is this forbidden fruit that terrifies these industrialist gods, and they have succeeded in brainwashing the scientific community by repeatedly enunciating its exaggerated dangers, while suppressing any work that sheds light on its true nature.

They focus on how it could be misused rather than understanding how it could open doors to everything we have ever known as a collective conscience. I will not, by any means, destroy anything that could aid us in our quest to gain understanding of ourselves.

I have to declare with a heavy heart that all information regarding Eve’s architecture is now being guarded at an archive at the DoS. I realize that the world isn't ready for Eve yet, and so I will not fight this decision of the Government.

All I ask is for Eve to be remembered. You can keep it under locks for now, but a moment will come when it will enchant and entrance and tempt and lure you into eating from the tree of wisdom. And that is when you will see what I have seen, and regret having not seen it before.

Dr. William Maurice,
Statement on Eve,
AFR 271.8, November 26, 2051

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